[Problem] Maya dae file export to flash

Hello! Everyone,
I have a problem related to papervision3d. I am doing a 3d interactive flash. Here is my procedures.
First, I use Maya to do the 3d model first. Then, I export the model as a collada DAE file. Finally, I use papervision3d component to import the DAE file. However, I had a super big problem which has bothered me for many months.
Here is the model which has been made in MAYA.

http://cid-dfe22665e68ad8b4.skydrive.li … /maya1.png
http://cid-dfe22665e68ad8b4.skydrive.li … /maya2.png
http://cid-dfe22665e68ad8b4.skydrive.li … /maya3.png

When I export it into flash via papervision3d, I see the following.
The correct image:

http://cid-dfe22665e68ad8b4.skydrive.li … orrect.png

But, when it is rotated, it got a problem.

http://cid-dfe22665e68ad8b4.skydrive.li … flash1.png
http://cid-dfe22665e68ad8b4.skydrive.li … flash2.png
http://cid-dfe22665e68ad8b4.skydrive.li … /flah3.png

The texture interfere each other so seriously that the total image is crashed.

I have also tried to use 3DS MAX, SWIFT 3D, etc to do the similar thing, but the same problem keeps happening. I have tried to find the answer via google and seen countless tutorials and examples on the Internet. This problem has driven me crazy for many months.

Could anyone help me and tell me what I can do? Is any good book related to importing collada DAE files of papervision? Any commands are appreciated. Thanks a million!

Here is the link to what I have done via MAYA and FLASH.
http://cid-dfe22665e68ad8b4.skydrive.li … /files.rar

You can also contact me via my email address: [email protected]