Problems with Flash,Papervision3D and collada

Hi everyone,

firstly, i have very limited knowledge of the following subjects-

a.) Actionscript
b.) 3D Modeling
c.) Papervision3D

but i have to meet a requirement where i have 3D models [made in Solidworks & converted it to DXF (by a plug in for solidworks) > DAE (through Maya)].

Now my problem is, the models are complex models, and the DAE file is around 1.12 MB. whenever i try to load it in Flash via Papervision3D, i get the following errors during runtime-

TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
at org.papervision3d.objects::Collada/::buildObject()
at org.papervision3d.objects::Collada/::parseGeometry()
at org.papervision3d.objects::Collada/::parseNode()
at org.papervision3d.objects::Collada/::parseScene()
at org.papervision3d.objects::Collada/::buildCollada()
at org.papervision3d.objects::Collada/::onComplete()

i have been following this tutorial -

Even after repeated tries i am unable to import that model into Flash. i even tried simply replacing my model in the source code downloaded from the above link, but it still didn’t work.

my model has no material attached to it.

Not only this, even if i draw a simple cube in Maya, export it to DAE and then try to use it in Flash via the same method told in the tutorial, i get a failure!

All this is very confusing for me as many terms are completely new for me! :stare:


  • where is the fault?
  • should i try some other 3D engine which can easily process large collada files?

Please guide me!