Problem saving a .fla with dynamic text

hello there,

It´s be a while that i didn´t have this problem.

I make a box with dynamic text , and after i save the project (fla.) , when
i open the file again , the box is on the size of the full text.
That means that it change the box like it was static text.

Last time i had this problem , i solve it by put the dynamic box and the
“scrollbar” component on the same layer.
But this time , i´m not using the component.
I´ve made a “up” and “down” button , and also put it on the same layer
as the dynamic box.
But it´s not working.
I have this problem again.!!:frowning:

If anyone knows how to solve this or has the same problem,
reply so we can discuss this issue.




Still looking fr an answer.:sleep:



I´ve solve the problem.
Instead of writing the text directly on the box, i decided
to use AS to write the variable:

                 scrolltext = "My text here..."

Now , my question is:
How do i make a new text line this way?
Cos, this script only accepts you to write your text in the same line.