Problem with menu

Hello all you flash guru’s out there , i have a problem

I have a fla with a menu that a friend of mine gave me so I can use it on my site ( my friend is gone on vacation and i cant get a hold of him , this is why i am posting here , to ask for your help instead ) .

The links on the menu are like this : home , about , pictures , etc.

What i want to do is change the About , pictures ,etc options into something else but i dont know why i cant do that.

Here is what I have done :

I went to Library … for the About option i see 2 symbols , Symbol10 type button and Symbol11 type movieclip . Now , i right click on Symbol11 (movieclip) and click Edit , I go on the stage and i see the option ABOUT , i double click about but i can’t edit it , if i double click again , it will only select one letter ( the letter A) …
the same goes if i choose to edit the Button Symbol ( symbol 10 )

Guys , I need to know what should I do in order to change the text ( option links ) on the menu … i can’t figure it out , please help me !

Thank you

I have attached 2 screenshots so you can all see what im talking about , the word in the screenshots is not ABOUT … is HOME