Problem with nested buttons inside a complex movieclip

Hi, my goal is to create a circle interface that has pie-shaped buttons. It looks like a fancy pie chart, with rollover animations, fancy fonts and so on. If you click and drag any part of the circle, the interface will rotate clockwise until you find the button that you’re looking for. I’m basing this design off of something nifty I saw at this site. This will be a project only for my personal page.

So, I started out by visiting this webpage, because I thought it would only take a few modifications to the actionscript. In fact, the very first thing I did was open the movie clip of the vinyl record, create a faux button with a getURL function added to it, and then tested the movie. The button didn’t work! Then, I went over to [URL=“”]this page for advice, and I strongly believe that I am suffering from this problem…where the “parent” is the movieclip and the “child” is the button inside the movieclip, but its own actionscript is ignored because the parent’s actionscript is the first to be activated.

In order to make sense of this, here is the original code:

The movieclip has an instance name titled: CD
The actionscript is placed within a blank keyframe:
CD.getMouseRotation = function(){
 var x = this._parent._xmouse-this._x;
 var y = this._parent._ymouse-this._y;
 return Math.atan2(y,x)*180/Math.PI;
CD.positionToMouse = function(){
 this._lastrotation = this._rotation;
 this._rotation = this.getMouseRotation() - this._clickrotation;
CD.spin = function(){
 this._rotation += this.spinSpeed;
 this.spinSpeed *= .9;
CD.onPress = function(){
 this._clickrotation = this.getMouseRotation() - this._rotation;
 this.onEnterFrame = this.positionToMouse;
CD.onRelease = CD.onReleaseOutside = function(){
 this.spinSpeed = this._rotation - this._lastrotation;
 if (this.spinSpeed > 180) this.spinSpeed -= 360;
 else if (this.spinSpeed < -180) this.spinSpeed += 360;
 this.onEnterFrame = this.spin;
So I tried to improve the button first by changing it to a button inside another movieclip, and gave it the instance name of: button1. CD is the parent, and button1 is the child. Following the example of [this page ](, I gave the parent instructions to allow me to activate the child:
**CD.button1.onRelease = function(){**
** getURL("**[****](**");    **
When I placed this actionscript within the same keyframe as the CD. actionscript, and when I cut and pasted it on a keyframe within the button1 movieclip I was still unable to get to an external website.

What could be the problem? Thanks