Problem with typewriter effect

I am trying to do the normal typwriter effect, I have created a text box and given it the instance name ‘text’ and on another layer I have the actionscript,

myText = “”;
this.onEnterFrame = function() {
text.text = myText.substr(0, type);
type += 2;
myText = “Welcome to Endorsements, this section provides details about the organisations that back 21st Century Sports Ltd and their products, please use the buttons to the side to find out more.”;

I’ve run the movie, but it just doesn’t display anything, why is this happening, i definately know this code works because i have it on another file.

The fla has been attached.

u posted in the wrong forum - its an FMX2004 file yes? either that or ive sumhow poggered my FMX!
just checking is the instance name of this dynamic textfield set to text? coz i copied and pasted the code into a new document and works fine… thik u musta forgotten to put the instance name on it :wink:


I’ve put the instance name on the textfield and it is set to dynamic, still won’t work.

have you given your text box an instance name of “text”, not “myText”…i tested that…it definitely works…but you should use some other name…like ‘typeText’ or what ever, because text is part of the AS santax…

yer, what he said :wink:


PS if you still cant get it to work then try starting a new file and doing what i did and try to integrate it again… :S

Thanks, its strange i did it again and this time it worked, thanks for the help, i’ve put another thread on, its about making stuff disappear its in the MX2004 forum, i’m desperate for help.

Thanks again