Problems with buttons in Flash CS4

Problems with buttons in Flash CS4

I’m having difficulty getting buttons to work conjunction with a sliding, X speed menu in Flash CS4 developed by Adam Khoury @ DevelopePHP:


I have looked at tutorials showing how to add functions to buttons in Flash CS4, and although I feel frustrated that it’s not as straight forward as in older versions of flash I have buttons working in very simple movies sending the movie to different frames when a button is clicked. However when I try to add this kind of functionality to a button that is part of the x speed menu, I get problem after problem. I have a very rough prototype up without any interactivity on the buttons atm:

Part of the reason for the problem is the X speed menu is a contains a movie which is made up of a strip of buttons and then the menu itself is a movie which is added to the main scene containing a set of buttons (so yeah I’ve got movie within movies). Althought the buttons have instance names attached to them the menu is, I believe, seen as one object within the main scene, so if I refer to the instance names in the main scene they are not recognised. If I add the code for the buttons in the separate movie that does not work either, I have also created a string od instance names the refir to the movie and its components. I have tried every possible configuaration that I can think of and get differing problems whichever avenue I try out.

If anyone has any idea how to resolve this problem I would be truly gratefull.

Thanks in advance,