Problems with looping

hello there, i’m new to the boards as well as flash.

i’ve been searching for quite a while but i can’t seem to find an answer to my problem.

i want to loop one animation continuously while only playing another once.
when i insert “stop();” into the last frame of the animation i want to stop, the other animation stops too.

thanks for putting up with my newbie problems.

Make your animations in seperate mc’s;)

btw Welcome to kirupaforums=)


thanks :]

hmm for some reason, i feel like it’s more complicated than that [or i just can’t figure out what exactly to do]. here is the link to the fla so you could see what i’m talking about. i want the us and can layers looping but the globe/transition thing to stop.

Select all keyframes in the can and us layers. Goto Edit>timeline>cut frames.
Then goto insert>new movieclip, name it eg can_us. Select frame 1, goto Edit>timeline>paste frames.
Go back to your main stage and drag your new mc to the stage, now the globe stops and your flags keep waving:)


thank you so much :]