Problems with 'on release' button actions? any help at all would be appreciated!

Hey guys

My name is Jenna, and I’m a 2nd year graphic design student. I’m doing a multimedia subject dealing with flash, and I’m really really stuck! I’ve been searching through tutorials for ages trying to find the answer to my problem, and I haven’t been able to.

Anyway, the problem is this:

I’m making an interactive program in flash cs3, where you can walk around in my bedroom and pick things up, look at books, etc (i know, not thrilling), the problem is, i’m not sure how to make it so that you can click on a button, and it will take you to the next photo. At the moment, my scripting wont work, and when i preview my project, it just loops. I’ll show you what I’ve been doing.

So this is my extremely limited scripting, and my timeline.

As you can probably tell, i’m finding it pretty hard to get my headaround flash. Any help at all would be really really appreciated.

Thanks for your time :snug:


First, put a [FONT=“Courier New”]stop()[/FONT] so that it doesn’t loop around. That’s a good start.

thanks anogar,

i tried that before, and it is still looping.

The stop goes on the frame that you want it to stop on. I don’t see any code on those frames.