Problems with SWF with PopUp window, inside another SWF

I’ve been struggling with this for 2 days.
Inside one SWF file ([COLOR=blue]proizvodi.swf[/COLOR]), there’s a popUp window(for [COLOR=mediumturquoise][COLOR=blue]scrpBoje.swf[/COLOR] [/COLOR]) - which works perfectly.
However when these two files are opened from the main SWF file ([COLOR=blue]main.swf[/COLOR]), popUp just won’t work :(.

Here’s AS for the popUp (inside *[COLOR=blue]proizvodi.swf[/COLOR]) *:

[COLOR=dimgray]hit_mc.onRelease = function () {
var myWindow:MovieClip = PopUpManager.createPopUp(_root, Window, true, {closeButton:true, contentPath:“scrpBoje.swf”});
myWindow.closeButton = true;
myWindow.title = “I’m modal… try clicking the button again.”;
myWindow.setSize(400, 400);
myWindow.move(0, 0);
myWindowListener = new Object(); = function() {
modalWindow = myWindow.content;
myWindow.addEventListener(“click”, myWindowListener);

myWindowListener.complete = function(){
modalWindow = myWindow.content;
modalWindow.doneButton.addEventListener(“click”, myWindowListener);
myWindow.addEventListener(“complete”, myWindowListener);[/COLOR]
[COLOR=dimgray][COLOR=black]Any ideas?[/COLOR]