Programmers Needed For Game

Hey, back again. Asking for volunteers again. My last programmer has dropped out due to time constraints and time conflicts with his work, so I will need the assistance of some programmers. I will insist that you have a good amount of time to work on this project. The project has been in development for about 5 months now, but the programmer has not been able to work on it so we’re really behind schedule on things. Also I do insist also that if you plan to work on this, that you have a friend who is also a programmer to split the workload.

The project I am talking about is Kwaiyin Blades. It’s an action-platformer hybrid of my design that includes some RPG elements. The game will include the folllowing features, so if you and your friend are able to program this then go ahead and sign up:

  • Save function
  • Able to incorporate music and voice overs (working with my composer)
  • RPG stats (Strength, Defense, Magic, Endurance)
  • Combo system with increasing number of hits as you level up
  • Cutscene loadings with minimal loading times and mostly seamless transition
  • Mini-game button prompts (similar to God of War)
  • Skill points to upgrade special attacks
  • Item system (potions, hi-potions, etc)
    *Experience system, (harder enemies give more experience, etc.)

That’s about it. Now if you are interested I’ll need a few things from you.

  • Two of three methods to contact you:
    AIM screenname
    MSN Messenger screenname
    Email address
    *A demo or completed game that you have done in the past. Please include a document of some sort detailing the controls, and the details about the project that you programmed. You can email this to me at [email protected]

To further illustrate my eagerness for this project here are a couple of promotional items my art team and I have cooked up. The logo is of my design, the character designs are a joined effort by my friends Whiplash and Naomi Ishimura. Also a brief outline of the story is included below.

A story of old relics in an everchanging modern society. Krystalus is ravaged by a totalitarian regime and there are few who resist. One such resistance soldier is Lance, a young soldier of a long lost race of people. He seeks the Four Crystals to gain Judgment, the only way to save the city he loves so dearly. In his way stands Virgil, the supreme ruler of Krystalus. He also seeks the Crystals, but to for what purpose, no one knows…