Protesting the Protesters

I know many of you are anti-war, but I doubt any of you are active protesters. This is a big peve of mine and I have decided to end a long time friendship over this.

Below is the email I just send her.

Before you read this email I want to make it abundantly clear that I am not looking for a response, written or verbal. In fact, I hope this is the last form of communication between you and me.

Let me start by saying that I am utterly disgusted with your involvement in this anti-war and anti-US movement. Honestly, what do you think you are going to accomplish? Do you think that our president is going to say “OK Lauren, clearly your views make far more sense than my cabinet, congress and the majority of the American people?” If that is the case then you must seriously be more ignorant than I thought.

I just cannot believe the audacity of people like you. You have been borrowing federal monies for the past five years to put yourself through school. Our government invests in you, to move ahead and make a better life for yourself. How do you show your appreciation? You paint an anti-US message on a piece of cardboard and block traffic.

I do find it amusing that with each passing day, your underlying principles behind your actions are dwindling away. You’re down to a hair of validation. First it was for the Iraqi civilian’s opposition. Now they are parading in the streets kissing our troops. You believed their deceit on banned weapons. Then we find chemical weapons and caches of chemical suits. “Propaganda” you say. Ridiculous! We have journalists embedded with our troops broadcasting what is happening when it’s happening. Let’s not forget that even Arabic networks are broadcasting the exact same Stories. The only propaganda is the garbage that flows from your mouth. Recruiting weak minds like a religious cult to join your cause.

I hope you are enjoying your freedom when you scream “impeach Bush”, who is doing a **** good job protecting it. I hope you realize how the wives, mothers and children of the soldiers willing to give their lives for you feel when they see you parading in the streets. I say hope because I am confident your views are so shortsighted you are incapable of seeing the big picture.

The soldiers that are overseas now and every other soldier that has served this nation, like my farther, his farther and many close friends are the true definition of honor, bravery, integrity, and sacrifice. You are just an insignificant bum with nothing better to do on a Saturday than stand in the street and yell.

I hope you have a very good day today. Because our boys in Iraq are risking their lives so you do tomorrow.


Matt Beston

But Fester…

If we didn’t have protests, then the gov’t would likely assume that there was no opposition to future wars as well. Even if I don’t agree with their tacticts, I feel we need to have that voice heard, otherwise, the media will only portray the gov’t’s point of view.

These protestors are not marching against the troops, they are protesting against the reasons for this war. This country was founded on the right to disagree with the way things are being done, and to protest against those things.

Just my point of view.



are you trying to start an argument fester, because you’re doing a good job. I don’t outrightly I’m disgusted by people who are for the war or that they are ridiculous. I think that they are entetitled to there opininons. I might deisagree with them, and maybe state it but i don’t cuss them.

Yes law…I am trying to start an argument by stating my views. (insert sarcasm here)

and I didnt cuss anybody.

I agree with you there. Perhaps I did not entirely explain the situation. This chick was outright calling our troops rapists and baby killers.

I took great offense to that.

She is one of those protesters that engourage public disobedience. Blocking traffic. Chaining yourself to buildings. I say protest all you want. Respect our troops and at least do something productive.

maybe not cussing but you can state your views without saying that you are disgusted by involvement with ‘this anti-war, anti-US thing’

No, he’s not trying to start an argument. Please calm down. :slight_smile:

Back to the topic: I don’t think the protestors are being logical. Yes its freedom of speech, and yes they can do what they want, but when your freedom of speech is making other peoples freedom’s impossible then you are infringing on their rights as an american.

Example: A protestor is lying in the street to hold up traffic. That protestor is delaying people from going to work, getting home to see their families. Delaying them from being happy, from their pursuit of happiness. They are participating in an act that completely negates their argument. They are being hypocrits.

I agree with Rev that protesting in necessary, but there are lines that should not be crossed. We are already at war, so stop protesting and start supporting the soldiers that are over there so they can hopefully come back quickly and safely.

Fester you served right? I didn’t, I’m not going to, and never wanted to. However my cousin is a pilot and he is flying missions over Iraq. I support him. So I’m with ya there…

I don’t see what links protesting and not supporting the troops. Saying that you’re against the war isn’t the same as saying I hate the troops i hope they die. I’m all for supporting the troops, but real support would be letting them come home.

I can see what you’re saying about the futility of protesting though, they can’t pull out now. But I think that now it is more about showing opposition than changing anything.

Sorry for getting a little overheated.
Law :link:

But why fight something that you know you aren’t going to win? The futility of that makes no sense to me. If I know I’m not going to win a fight, I stay away from it. If I think there is a shot then I go for it.

I don’t mean to say that protesters aren’t supporting the troops, but they are still outwardly protesting the war. I think that instead of publicly protesting the war, they should be publicly supporting the troops. Their signs should say things like “bring our troops home” instead of “**** the war/**** bush”

some of them do have banners like that jubba.
also if no-one protested it would be like no-one opposed the war. It would be to easy for Bush and the gang to get away with it.


I now understand your email. I also feel that Civil Disobedience should be punished accordingly. If I stopped traffic for some reason, I expect to be carted off to jail. If being carted off to jail gets your point to a larger number of poeple, well that is something the individual has to decide.

As far as blaming the troups, as it sounds like your (well deserved by the way) ex-friend has been taken in (probably with a guy) by all the hype.

With more info, I agree with your email, but I’m afraid it will do little good…

good luck.


wether you agree with him or not rev, don’t you think it’s a little extreme to break a friendship over this. Not all my freinds are against the war but I don’t mind I can see where they are coming from completely and respect there decision.

Its my understanding that Fester served in the armed forces. And now one of his friends is calling soldiers rapists and baby-killers. If I had been in the Army/navy/air force and someone was saying that about the US soldiers I would definately be offended to the point of not wanted to ever talk to that person ever again…

It seems a little extreme, but if that is what this woman thinks about soldiers and Fester was one… I wouldn’t want to be friends with her anymore…

he didn’t say that she called the armed forces rapist and baby killers did he?


yes, for me, that email would be extreme. Fester is a different person, with a different past, so I can not begin to understand his values for a friend. She should also expect to get this kind of response from friends who are vets. If no one tells her like it is, then just as with the protestors, she will think that it is okay to attack the people instead of the event. Something some of us never learn.


yes he did in a reply post. :slight_smile:

oh yeah sorry.

yeah i can see that saying that is over the top.

Perhaps my view on this issue is a little harsh. I generally see things as black and white. I am well aware that there are many shades of gray, however I find many methods protesters use to be heard as unacceptable.

I did not serve in the military, although I might as well have. I was in the delayed entry program for the Marine Corps for almost three years. A week before my ship date the girl I was seeing at the time managed to talk me out of it. I have regretted that decision ever since.

Now I own property and it would be difficult to swing both. Although if there were a way I could rent out my home and serve I would do it in a heartbeat.

I absolutly treasure frindship. I said friend because we were very close at one time. She went off to college and I went off to do the work thing. That was five years ago. That is a long time for people to change. I am sure I have changed allot in that time as well.

What I am saying is that this behavior is not the Lauren I once knew. Regardless for her reasoning I am just not down with people like that. I will try to dig out some of the emails she sent me over the past few month ans post them here if I can find them.

You will want to write her a nasty too. It was amazing how passionate she could be about these things she is so ignorant about. Rev mentioned the being taken in by a guy thing. Thats an interesting point. I would not put it past her. She was always the kind of “clingy” chick at acted like who she hung around with.

I think I will have to ponder that.