Provide feedback directly on a web page!

Alneo (member of these forums from 2007) pinged me to take a look at Pastel, a product that makes it easier for developers/stakeholders to leave comments directly on a live web page:

I actually thought his product was really useful and cool, so I figured I’ll share it with all of you.

PS: No, this isn’t a paid (:moneybag:) posting. I really do think what Pastel is doing is pretty cool.

PPS: Yes, for reals!


I can’t believe someone would roast the menu! At least it’ll be tasty in its final burger form.

That is actually neat, tho. Would allow clients to comment on things as well, because sometimes getting specifics out of them is like pulling teeth!

You must not have looked at the markup :wink:


I didn’t, but I decided to do just that, heh. Sneaky.

I really wanted to have icons next to the items in the menu, but then the page became too icon heavy. I decided to defer that for later by adding the boring class that hides the icons haha.

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Balance is a tough one. Boring isn’t necessarily always bad.

@senocular, @VaiFanatic - I took some time to modify the left navigation today and…removed the boring class :fire:

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I miss it already :’(

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