Check 50%?

Hey all, can you suggest any changes I should make before I start adding content? None of the buttons work yet, except for main, and its still buggy… \r\\r\rthanks,\rjohn

Cmon dont be shy… :smiley: \r\rWell I made some changes, about 80% done now…\r\r-john

Its horrible. I hate it. \r\rlol, not really, actually I think its pretty neat. I don’t really think the menu system is that obvious. and a big thing that says, START HERE! is a little…hmmm…gaudy…i suppose. If like, as the site loaded, have an animation showing that the green thing on the right was the menu, and then people would know…ya know what I mean?

Umm no I dont think so… :? I didnt intend for the “start here” message to be permanent, its supposed to appear until you roll over the buttons… gotta get that fixed! :smiley:

Nice design, clean and everything, but you’d better look at that article about mystery meat navigation, because that’s just what it is……ymeat.html\r\rpom 0]

Thanks, I didnt think it was that bad, any suggestions on what I should do? I really like the arrows tho…

Hey, I like mystery meat navigation, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that without the start here arrow, it would have taken me 2 hours to figure out how to navigate in your site…\r\rKeep it up.\r\rpom 0]

w00t its done now… I removed the start arrow anyways and replace it with labels. :smiley: \rHope you like it!\r\r-john

lookin good