ps3 gdc movies

Hey guys thought you would enjoy some movies from the Game Developers Conference on PS3. There is no sound and the quality isnt that great but pretty cool stuff.

Also here is a trailer for the game LAIR by factor 5.
A cool thing about the trailer is I guess they showed this at E3 last year and a lot of people thought it was pre-rendered so they prove its real-time.


Thats sweet if its actual harware, most of the videos to date were pre-rendered. Looks cool though, I don’t know if its $600 cool, but cool none the less.

Man no kidding I could pay 500 but 600 that would be ridiculous.

6months when they realise they’re loosing a lot of money, she’ll be right :smiley:

Looks nice none the less.

It’s all garbage. Just like the Killswitch video where the guy who was showing it said it was actual gameplay, but the makers of it came out and said it was fake. I’m not buying any of this PS3 info until it is actually confirmed by someone creditable.