Now the PS3 Delays Aren't So Bad... 60GB HDD

Sony has told Yahoo! Games that the Playstation 3 will include a 60GB Hard Drive as standard.

Link: Yahoo! Games

Apparently, it’ll have Linux on as well…

[size=1]/me temporarily forgets about his disappointment with Sony’s DRM crazedness[/size]

Well if this is true maybe add another 100 bucks to the console which they havent even announced a final price yet, and I highly doubt itll cost 500 bucks.

Lets see how many people get a loan to buy a PS3 :lol:

^its at least 500 now… the longer they take to create it the more developers of games and everyone loses $$, all for a the “Disk”. Ehh… they should of just thew a duel sided DVD reader in there and call it done lol.

I heard that sony is also including a car and a new computer… and possibly a hdtv if you dont buy the 360 now. It’s all gunna cost around $25 with 3 games I heard too… it can even make toast and eggs I belive!!!


500? Before the HDD they said it was’nt gonna be less than 425 and before this inclusion the production cost of the console was about 900 bucks so if you add a HDD I suppose its a laptop HDD and its Sony so they should probably get em for about 25 bucks a piece or less.

I say the console will probably cost 600 bucks anything above that is just overkill but I know people dont care and they will buy it anyways I feel sorry for them.

I think Sony is scared theyre trying to make the console do so many things while Nintendo is only focused on gaming and entertainment and even thought they are not the top sellers of any generation they always manage to make a profit.

Japan is DS it ahs sld so much that it might top PS2 sales in a few more months its friggin ridiculous. I think the Rev will do great in Japan the US I’m not so sure about that, well just have to wait and see.

Whats gonna determine here the winner is gonna be price and the games available. MS got a head start but that dont mean crap the DC was better than the PS2 but still managed to lose because of PS fanboys and hype, the DC was one of the greatest consoles and it was way ahead of its time, thanks to the DC we have xbox n x360 today.

So to sum it up any company can win the console war.

Lets see how it all turns out

PS3 is going to kick butt…it’ll be worth the wait.


I think different. This takes a long time to explain but I have lots of free time so I’ll share my opinion… I think the Revolution will do okay in Japan, but will not be the most popular console.

Many of the Japanese don’t find that they need a WiFi browser etc on their PSP because the internet is so widely accessible in Japan, besides, the way they see it is why would they want a stinky PSP WiFi browser when their cell phones get internet wherever they go? Therefore, they are not tempted by extra features like Americans are and they can easily chose the DS over the PSP. (Especially since they have a large mass of DS games that are more intuitive than US games and cheaper. The reason you’ll find so many useless or “crappy” Japanese inventions on the internet is because it’s very easy to release products in Japan. Due to this games are more quantitive and cheaper.) That’s why the DS has done very well in Japan.

Japan tends to favor Sony’s consoles because Sony is a heavy advertiser in Japan. Sony works hard to make their consoles the trendy thing. For example, instead of just implementing a web browser into the PS3, they have implemented a whole entire online gaming service and friend community. They could not do this in the PSP. In Japan, there are much better ways of getting to the internet than the PSP… In America, there are not.

As for the XBOX360 in Japan, I think this will be the most unpopular console. The XBOX360 offers neither intuitive gameplay or intuitive extra features and processing capabilities. In addition to this, it is harder to release games for this system in Japan in comparison to Sony and Nintendo. The XBOX360 impresses Americans, but if we really look at it, there is nothing extraordinary about it… A nice video card or four processor cores isn’t what Japan nor I consider intuitive. Sure it’s the best thing so far, but it’s not impressive, especially for its price tag. In addition to this, Microsoft doesn’t keep up their console as being a new, fun and original machine. For example, I don’t see a popular Eyetoy for the Xbox, I never saw Microsoft release the Network adapter on the Xbox before the other companies even thought about it and I never saw them release a game that included a microphone for talking to comrades. Mainly, what I’m saying is Sony does a very good job at keeping their gaming consoles fun by releasing cool accessories. Microsoft tends to compete, not invent. They don’t think ahead of the game, they copy and try to improve the game.

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good post :thumb2:

Honestly WTF are you talking about? MS is gonna put out a webcam that allows you to videochat adn use it for games like ghost recon where the camera sees your gestures and sends your party to said position.

Second xbox never needed a network adapter since it had it since day one the same goes for the HDD wheras sony had a network adapter and a hdd addon costing almost the same price as the xbox alone and only a handfull of games took advantage of said addons.

If MS wasnt ahead of the game Sony and Nintendo wouldnt try making thier own online service gaming network, MS has a strong foothold in this area with the marketplace hitting 10 million downloads already in less than 6 months XBL is the itunes of videogaming. The first company to use a microphone or a network adapter was sega with its almighty Dreamcast one of the best consoles to date far better than the PS2 and the N64 IMHO.

Sonys online strategy seems ridiculous sure they say its gonna be free but they aint saying tht the company that develops the games are gonna be the ones funding the servers costs and bandwidth not only that but that the developer can charge a fee to play the game online, on xbox live you just pay a annual fee and play all you want or in final fantasys case on x360 if you dont have live you can pay square a fee and play online but only FF with no access to live.

The bottom line is XBL is gonna be much more “stable” because its one centralized network with hundreds or thousands of servers, how many servers are developers gonna put for their online games better yet how are they gonna budget making the game plus maintain the network, for christ sakes theyre b!tching about dev kits costing ridiculous aumounts of money.

All I can say is lets all wait and see if Sony delivers on its hype.

Microsoft are releasing an Eyetoy™? How original. :wink:

Why does every thread about the PS3 turn into a flame war? Can’t all you haters leave and let those of us who are looking forward to the PS3 discuss it in peace? You’re entitled to share your opinion, but do it maturely.

That’s fine, to some extent. By them competing they’ve forced Sony to jump into the online field (a rushed and crappy attempt, sure, but still) and really innovate (if you want to call it that) with the PS3. Sony’s basically taking some new technologies and throwing them into a box…

I don’t see their online service (PS Hub) actually becoming anything good. They’re leaving it up to the developers to include online capabilities, add that to the already high price of developing these games and trying to figure out the Cell. :-/

They don’t think ahead of the game, they copy and try to improve the game.
You left out Xbox Live. Sony wasn’t thinking ahead there - sure, they might’ve mentioned something about online play before - but they knew they could please their fanboys without it so never put any effort into it… that’s the problem, Sony’s very good at tricking their idiot fanboys… a good example of that would be claiming the Killzone trailer was in-game, and people eating it up.

Now that Live has become a success and continues to grow and improve, Sony’s finally paying attention and taking it seriously.

I don’t want to get caught up in the Sony hype machine this time around, that’s all. :hurt:

If your gonna hate, hate with responsability is all I say, I’m not saying x360 is the best thing since sliced bread but it sure is nice, can Sony top it maybe but it aint gonna be as easy this time is all im trying to say.

Just make sure you read and be informed of all the facts before writing $h!t up.

wait what are you talking about grimdeath? did a post get deleted or something? who is hating? seems pretty peaceful so far

Paddy Duke mentioned hating so I just posted that in responese since I dont consider myself hating I consider myself informed and I would like to inform other fellow kirupians with actual facts and hear out their opinions, thats all.

But I aint lashing out at no one so calm down buddy :wink: :thumb:

I don’t think a 60 hdd is going to matter. Ps3 is so far behind it’s rediculous. And now the rev is releasing ahead of them? wow they are screwed.

I agree that the hard-drive won’t matter. However, they are not screwed. Their fanbase is way too big now… they need not worry, not this gen anyway.

That’s what a compiler is for…

Contrary to what I just said this morning and what Ken Kutaragi had said before :crazy: , Phil Harrison announced today at GDC that they do plan to have a service like Live… including the micropayment stuff and friendslist.

Apparently they also showed a vid. for GoW2.