PS3 launch Details

Well a few weeks awy from the PS3 launch and Sony is finally spilling the beans on what its plans for this gen of gaming.

The PS3 will come without HDMI cable comes separately for $49.99, first party software will cost $60.00, PS3 SIXAXIS controller will be rechargeable but you cannot replace the batteries ( lets see how many explode in peoples hands :lol: ) Online gaming, browsing, chatting and other what not is free, but theres a limit to how many times you can download stuff even if purchased.

Online games will cost under $15.00 and they will use real cash no PS3 points or any other weird cash to points conversion program.

They should have about 22 games at launch or “launch window” ( a few months later ), the first 500,000 consoles will ship with Talladega Nights Blu-Ray Movie ( good luck trying to see it without the HDMI cable :lol: ).

Console supports USB keyboard for browsing (cool) hopefully you can use any USB keyboard.

Console supports PS1 and PS2 games out of the box :thumb: for people who still have PS1 and PS2 games.

They will have PS1 games available for download which can be played on your PSP and on the PS3 when the emulation software for PS3 is realeased.

And Finally Sony is still having problems with their Blu_ray components so they might not even reach their 3 Million PS3 launch by years end.

So your best bet to get a PS3 at launch if you didn’t preorder it? Stand in line at launch day and beat people with a club over their head and pry it off their lifeless hands :lol:

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