For all the console geeks out there…

PlayStation 2 + DVD Recorder + TV tuner + harddisk = Media Center = PSX

I’m drooling over my desk. I want one. :beam:

Its not PS3… its just a PS2 in a new body… with some added extra’s…

Oh and its about the same size as the XBox :slight_smile:

It looks sexier than my PS2 though. :beam:

Is that just a PS2?! I’ll edit my first message then. OK, it looks sexier, but I’m disapointed now. Meh…

Oh, thanks Kit. :slight_smile:

I heard about it coming out over in Japan, any word of it coming to the states? (or other places for that matter) … and cost?

Oh yeah it looks alot better… i would be tempted to buy one when MGS3 (Metal Gear Solid 3… duh) comes out…

oooooo… me want!

the PDF is ok, but it doesn’t tell you much. is there anything else with more info kajinku?

Try out the official playstation site… Thats where i read about it and got some pretty cool pictures too…

oh, thanks! (slaps head for being so stupid)

McFly! :stuck_out_tongue:

you forgot the “hello” :!:

Hello! McFly!

Rats. :stuck_out_tongue:

me knows aboot this… I think it comes out in Japan late this year or early next… and we should get it late next year I think.
This also means we’re not getting the ps3 until 2007 :frowning:
I read about this a few days ago… I’ll go check and make sure I didn’t tell you any false info.

From what I know, it’s coming out in Japan at the end of this year and it’s going to be in US and Canada by the end of the first quarter next year. The problem with this thing is that the PS3, Xbox2 and GameCube2 are supposed to be out at the begining of 2005 so really - I cant see the reason to shell out any more money for this thing.

Sony is trying to say that it’s in no way supposed to be in the same catagory as the ps2 or take it’s place, in fact it’s being marketed and made through the Sony Entertainment divison and the PS2 is through the Sony Computer Entertainment Divison (or something like that) - they are trying to make sure they arent in direct competition. Which is really stupid because they will be and the way I see it is they are trying to get a few more thousands sold before the next one launches and secure they hold on the market for another generation of systems.

very nice (but shouldnt it have been like that from the start?)


exactly what i said mariofan when i heard about it…

THis would look good with my vaio

i would actally buy this…lol…it is just so good looking. i wont buy it though cause i wont use anyof the features. i will wait for the PS3. but mos deff i am getting that! i donno about XBox 2. as much as i love my box, besides halo and LIVE all the other games are on GC and PS2 :frowning: but i do still love it so…