Published on Mac - runs on PC but not Mac!? Why?

I have been building a flash site on my G3 running OS X and Flash MX. In developement my site has worked fine on the Mac but since moving to OS X and publishing my site it will not view on a Mac but work perfectly on a PC. What is going on?

It works fine when run on the computer HD - ie opening swf in a browser etc but not when dowloaded from the web.
The site uses an XML document that holds the pathways to images etc to load the jpgs.

Has any one else had similar problems? - all I can say is that it is very frustrating:(


yeah because PC support much than macs :love:
But I still love MAC :p:

Its odd, not having a MAC myself i dont really know, but have you tried republishing the .swf file from flash? You may want to try publishing as different versions to see if that makes any difference. Failing that, have you checjked the release notes or the macromedia website? There should be information on what is compatible with Pc’s and what is compatible with MAC’s. Perhaps your .swf has MAC uncompatible features.

Yeah I have tried to republish - but what do you mean by 'different versions?

As for non mac compatible features - it works fine on the mac player in IE 5 when run of the hard disc rather than on the web.

Also - I have added no new features since it last worked!

But I will take a look at the release notes…

um, by different versions i meant try publishing it as a flash 5 document instead of a flash 6. I know it wont be what you want, but if it makes any difference, then it may help you work out what the problem is.

…i’m sorry i cant be much help - im not a MAC user (as much as i would like to be - I would kill for a MAC right now!)

Too right I would kill for a Mac have you seen the specs of the new G5 Mac?

ok that makes sense -I will try flash 5 when I get a chance. What I think I will also do is install mx on OS 9 as I did not have any problems when I used it then - but installing OS 9 again will be a pain!

As for the new G5 - I am well excited:)

*Originally posted by Keith130 *
**Too right I would kill for a Mac have you seen the specs of the new G5 Mac? **
starts to drool

lol :stuck_out_tongue: