Push pull navigation!


Im sorry but this is another 1 of those “how do I do something that 2advanced have done emails.” this time its their http://www.showlogic.com website. I want to no how they made the main menu e.g. (about us, services buttons) with the push pull effect on the rollovers. im a AS newbie so please if you can help it don’t jus quote 100 lines of actionscript. If any1 has any fla’s or anything even similar please post it

i would try and use the search but i dont even no what this effect is commonly known as…


Ok Ok. I know how to do this but you said you didn’t want all the actionscript infront of you. Well the fact is, I’m not good at typing up the action script but I’ll explain what you should do with it, and maybe one of the kind people here will type it out for me;).
That whole navabr, I think, is a mc(movie clip). It just has the coordanites of each rectangle set up to a “mouse over”. Like it’s saying. If mouse over on blablabla coordinates gotoandplay(w/e).
Then on the frame that shows it expanding you’ll want to get it in the “w/e” part. I cannot give you a .fla right now because I am at school :). So hope that helped, and when I get home I;ll send you a .fla