Putting all of the site’s content on Github

Maybe it is the quarantining, but I have been fiddling with some random ideas in-between meetings and watching my daughter nap.

One idea that I keep coming back to is having all of this site’s content up on github and then working on a simple FTP flow where changes get uploaded to the site directly.

The only problem is that, because I use Dreamweaver for all of the content writing, having an intermediate markdown->HTML service like all the other cool sites won’t really work. What will be posted will be the raw HTML.

The biggest reason why I want to do this is only partly because I think others will contribute or file issues. The biggest reason is for me to personally have some level of history of the changes made to a file and to ensure that when I jump between the two laptops on desk and my sofa, I am never accidentally editing the “non-latest” version of a file. Dreamweaver has some challenges with its local cache of files, so I have found myself accidentally overwriting a newer version of a file when jumping between machines.

How terrible of an idea is this on the scale of 40 to :microbe:?


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Sounds good to me. I don’t see the problem as a problem so much. While markdown can be nice and pretty portable, it can also be limiting. Sticking with HTML should be fine.

You should definitely try to shoehorn GitHub Actions into this somehow…

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Yeah! I’ve been meaning to learn about that, so this can be a good excuse.

I rate it a :squid:

console.log(getRandomNumber(1, 40)); // :smile:

Just kidding; sounds like an excellent idea!