Python geek - Kirupa old timer

Used to be a pretty active contributor, then work happened. Looking for odd jobs.

I’m an experienced social network developer looking for some after hours work. I can put in about 4 hours a day.

I prefer working with Python + accompanying frameworks and can drop back to C++/Obj-C for heavy stuff. As for DBs, I’m comfortable with MySQL, MsSQL, DB2, Postgres, and Oracle. I also have a ton of experience with javascript and frameworks.

As for programming patterns, I have experience with sessions, account systems, e-commerce, automatic video encoding, image manipulation, feed aggregation, threaded comment systems, plugin development, compression algorithms, barcode recognition, contact management systems, etc. If I’ve not done it, I’m looking forward to it.

On the system administration front, I’m experienced with Linux, BSD, Solaris, OSX Server, and Windows server administration. I can setup domain access controllers, load balancing, failover, grid systems, high speed data storage systems, scaling, multimedia encoding boxes, email servers, etc. Same as programming, I love learning new things.

If your looking for serious help on something completely implausible, I’m willing to give it a crack. Or if you have the next new idea in the social web, I can pull it off for you and make it easy to run.

Please no Java, Flash, or PHP. shiver