Python Tutorials?

Hey everyone,

I was hoping someone might know of a couple python tutorials that may or may not exist.

One would be creating an actual application in OS X. I don’t really know what I mean by that as I’ve never done it, but I want to be able to create the window and the buttons and all that. It’s fine if it’s all the default OS X style buttons and scroll bars and such nonsense if that makes it easier.

The second would be integrating python and MySQL. Unless there’s a better way to develop apps that would keep everything self contained, so that way I would be able to package what I make. But it needs some sort of database or structural data storage something or other.

Clearly I am dumb.

Basically I’ve been making stuff in PHP and MySQL for so long that I just use it as a crutch, but it’d be nice to expand a bit. So if anyone knows of tutorials or any pointers or anything that’d be solid.

I know the basics of python, too. I’m certainly not good, can’t do OOP or anything yet, but I’ve got syntax down and can look stuff up, so it’s not really an issue if it’s not beginner level information.

Okay wonderful.