Question about easing between keyframes

hey guys,

I’m pretty new to flash cs4 and I am trying something but I can not seem to get it right…
I am trying to give a bounce-in easing effect from 1 keyframe to another.

I have uploaded my testfile here, so you can see what I am talking about.
There is an animation from frame 1 to frame 30, but it has to stand still from frame 30 to frame 65. I would like the bounce-in effect only from frame 1 to frame 30, but when I add frames to the timeline (in this example -> 65) the bounce-in effect is lost because it expand to frame 65. Anybody here knows how I can solve this? thus only having bounce-in from frames 1 > 35 and keeping 65 (or more) frames in the same timeline.

many thanks