i have my rough sketch to show you want i mean,

so i have my swf on the left side of the page. the area i want the main content will be 800x600. It will be static and wont move.

That being said I want a curve border at the bottom with a texture.

I could make it so that I make my swf 800x 2000 so that its very long for higher resolutions so you can see the bottom. But it would extend loading times correct?

so I know I can make the swf 100%. where i can control the resizing properties correct? So could i do that for the bottom border and make it snug the bottom of the browser? However. If I do that it will overlap the content somewhat at 800x600 resolution.

So is there a way to have the border curve snug the bottom but at 800x600 its not visible. Maybe the curveed border will move more quickly at high res but at lower res it doesnt move as fast thus making it not visible at 800x600?

to make it snug with 100 percent flash, use the Stage object in flash.

use stuff like:

Stage.onResize, Stage.width, Stage.height, etc…