Questions about skills

Um… this question is still jumbled in my mind. I guess it has two parts…

  1. I want to be able to get a good internship, at GE, Microsoft, Oracle, etc… what are some of the technologies that I need to learn in order to have a chance of getting one (XML, Networking, Databases… that kind of stuff.) I mean, when the recruiter asks “do you know this and this…” I want to be able to say YES!

and the second part of the question… to be an awesome, awesome webmaster, what are some of the things that I need to master, besides PHP, ASP, CGIs (which I’m scared of…) Basically I want to be able to do anything, set up a shopping cart, chatrooms, etc.

um, and I really need to learn some stuff about networks… I need to buy a router, and I’m just lost. Do you guys know where I can find information on things like setting up a webserver, setting up networks, etc?


In my exploration(s) I found >>>this place<<< to be FULL of just the stuff you’re asking about, well most of it… least ways the people there have allready done what you want to do…

It goes deeep - so look around/signUp yadaYada…

Hope this helps