Questions for Everyone!

I am doing a design investigation on the future on web design and was just wondering if i could ask everyones opinion on this question.

Is good web design due to knowing traditional design roots or can knowledge on technology and programs (dreamweaver, Flash) achieve this?

Thankyou, for your answers


I believe that good web design comes from knowing the foundation, including print (which is rare I know), and keeping up continuously with technology as it developes.
Imagination can be trained, motivation can be trained, but knowlege is golden. “You cannot know where you’re going, until you know where you’ve been.”
I’ve seen enough flash to know… cool effects and interesting scripts are never enough. A professional knows marketing and a wide array of artistic styles, past and present. In addition a professional will always be in the process of learning a new language or program interface till the day they retire. If they are fanatics like my father, till the day they die.

nod fiercly I think i’m a mad man like your dad, a severe perfectionist with an unending hunger for knowledge. words to live by:

Practice makes marginally better.

What one man can do, another can do.