Quick question (my game attatched)

ok… my incomplete game is attatched (its my first attempt at an actual game, although Ive started a whole bunch of engines before) press SPACE to use the lasers, and press SHIFT to launch the missiles and ARROW KEYS to move the plane… when the missile explodes and leaves a crater in the ground (part of the duplicated missile clips) the craters are higher on the flash stage than the
plane… is there any possible way to fix this, or did I go about it completely wrong?

id appreciate any help I can get…

mx plz

its in mx2004!

yehs but u can save it as an MX file. go to save as and then choose macromedia flash MX instead of macromedia flash MX 2004. and then save it. u can get ur work viewd by a much larger audience if its in MX. coz nto everyone can pirat… BUY! macromedia MX2004.

lol ok sure… here ya go (just until you “buy” the newest version.)

yep its no problem u just havta giv ur plane the highest depth in the movie. I just set it to 50 as a fail safe. ill tell u for future reference if u ever have this problem again:


if u place this on a MC it will make that movieclip above all the rest.

here ya go

you rule dude… thanks