Quick traslation job (Russian)

Hiya everyone. Incase you do not know, I am completely unable to speak, read, or write Russian. Recently I recieved a letter (in Russian) presumably refering to one of my tutorials on webclass.ru (judging from the translation by dictionary.com): http://www.webclass.ru/team.php?member=Coppertop

Anyway, the first place I tried was http://dictionary.referance.com/translate/text.html because it not only translates words, but grammar too. It usually does a good job, but I imagine there were one or two spelling mistakes and a few examples of Russian internet slang, because the translation came out pretty badly

anyway, here is the letter as was sent to me:

edit: font doesn’t support russian characters. Sigh.

(Just read all of what I wrote above, and thought “Why say it in 10 words, when 150 will sufice?”)