Quickies, that could use the Assist

Ok first off does neone have ne advice on how i can combine these two tutorials to achieve a dynamic text from an external source that types itself.


Secondly can ne one turn this (attached file) into a movieclip in flash without loosing it’s continous particallizing effect.


nebdy care to take a qwik stab at it?

dude. seriously, you should use real words. This is a forum, not a text message.

I’ve done ‘remote text file -> typewriter’ a while ago, if I remember when I get home, I’ll post it up.

But yeah, real words will get you further in this world </grammar/spelling police>:cop:

So how about the tutorial. BTW (By the way) shorthand has it’s uses, it is alot quicker to type… but that aside thanks for the input, i’ll make a note of it for future threads and posts.

shorthand is harder to read, and do you really thing that typing ‘ne’ is really that much faster than ‘any’ so you are going to make it so that it’s harder for us all to read it?

and let me take a stab it this… I’ll get something up in a minute it I’m successful

lol. I think everyone was thinking just what I was.

neway, I’m off to do some mre spamming. :lol: