Quiksilver help required

A while ago pom helped me with some script to make a picture fade into the distance. This is the script he gave me\r\ronClipEvent (enterFrame) { \r i++ ; \r _xscale = _yscale = 100*Math.cos(i/60) ; \r} \r\rAfter seeing “dansflash2001” last weeks site of the week, it got me wondering how did he achieve his button effect.\rWhen you clicked on one of his buildings the whole site faded into a miniture version. Then when the small version was clicked it reappeared in it’s normal state.\rI’m probably a mile of with the code pom gave me as it wasn’t made for that effect anyway.\rDoes anyone know how to achieve the effect Dan used?\r\rMany thanks all :slight_smile:

Simon, I don’t think that this is what he done it with. The easiest would be a reply from him… Dan ?\rpom 0]

I mailed Dan twice :slight_smile: nearly a week has passed!\roohhhh where are you DANNY :wink:

I think it’s simple tweening. The whole scene has to be a movie clip, and the buttons inside just tell it to play on. I’m not sure.\r\rBy the way, nice tute !\r\rpom 0]

I understand what you’re saying with the tweens. And thanks for the tut comment :slight_smile: also can you check your mail and tell me what you think.

yes I think you’re right pom. Dan says select everything and make a seperate mc for the transitions.

Hey, I think that I will clear this problem up, cause I am Dan, I have made dansflash2001.tripod.com and the effect is located on my site!\r\rI will make a tutorial for this and I hope it will get accepted, but for now, I will make a short answer to your problem!\r\rFirst what I did was I made the city. Next I made a keyframe next to the last in each layer that was showing at the end of the scene. Then I selected all of the things that were in the scene, broke them apart, and made it a movieclip. And there you go, from there you can make a killer transition! :slight_smile: \r\rShould I bother making a tutorial on this??

mmmmmmmm yes Dan please make a tut :slight_smile: and for all us newbs that still don’t fully understand it, any help is so so seriously appreciated )\r\rMany thankyou’s as allways\rSimon