2advance website question on buttons

Ok go to \rwww.2advanced.com\r\rGo to the button at the top where the “profile” is and all them. But dont click on the button…\r\rI was wondering if anyone could explain to me the way the buttons get that effect when you role over them? \rHow the “white” fades in and out of the button… \r\rThanks heaps everyone…\r\rJakatta… :slight_smile: \r

Simple tweening and fading with _alpha, if I see what you mean.\r\rpom 0]

But is it a movie clip button?\r\rhow do i make it?\r\r:) \r\rJakatta…

They put a movie clip in the ‘over’ frame of the button. This movie clip contains the white square fading in and out.\rThe thing is that it is beautifully done, but the principle in itself isn’t so complicated.\rpom 0]

NO NO NO\r\ryou make a MC that does the effect\r\rthen attach an action to the button to control the MC\r\rso something like:\r\ron (rollOver){\r TellTarget("/fade"){\r gotoAndPlay(“play”);\r }\ron (rollOut){\r TellTarget("/fade"){\r gotoAndPlay(“close”);\r }\r}\r\rdoes this help?

Ok,\r\rHow do i make it?\rDo i:\r1.create a button then convert to button\r2.create the fade in/out effect on the same stage OR as a new symbol and just drag and drop it from the library?\r3.insert codes into button.\r\rIs that right?\r\rBecause it didn’t work for me hey :frowning: \r

K, you have the right idea.\r\rjust make a movie clip that does your fade in/out:\ryour movie clip shouldn’t be in the button instance, just place the fade in/out instance on the main stage.\r\rThen create a button, and assign the actions to control the movie on the button.\r\ron (rollOver){\r _root.fade.gotoAndPlay(“fade_in”);\r}\r\ron (rollOut){\r _root.fade.gotoAndPlay(“fade_out”);\r}\rYou could also do a hitTest(); as well, depends on what you want it to do.\r\rHope this helps.\rTelley