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hello all!
i’ve just completed my site, R. Design , and i want to know some oppinions about it! i really need your help with this site, so please help! aight guyz??? :))
Click here to visit site: R. Design Website

waiting for your oppinions…


roberto 8-]

waiting… waiting… waiting… waiting…

still not done…

im on cable, not the greatest cable but a decent conn nonetheless. maybe it was high traffic or maybe i was a buncha hops away from ur server, i dunno. but the loading times sucked for that site, considering the content.

i see ur using frames, which i dont really know anything about, as all ive heard are their disadvantages. but whatever works use it i guess.

  1. id ditch the ads. they hurt ur image.

  2. id ditch the “company.jpg” pic. doesnt fit in. some of the other title images could be better

  3. the top header is pixelated pretty badly on 1280x1024

  4. the button text and rollover alignment is all messed up for the top nav bar. i also dont see why u need 2 nav menus.

  5. the red pill turns blue and the blue one turns red and wtf? not everyone is up on the matrix and it might wierd em out.

  6. i might try to integrate the sound thingy a little better. im not sure if the very bottom is the best location. uve got some whitespace available (at least on high res’s) so maybe compact it and stick it there. also id give it a preloader.


u cud try ti create a slider for ur sound bar at the btm, rather than let the user click and click the button to adjsut the volume

1.i turned my resolution on 1280x1024 and i dont see anything pixelated. And btw…who uses 1280x1024??? 90% of people use 1024x768 so…
2.you’re right about the second nav menu, i’m still thinking what to put there…
3. the bottom is the best location fot the sound, believe me! i tried different ways. And putting it in other locations than up and down gets very complicated

the bottom is the best location fot the sound, believe me! i tried different ways. And putting it in other locations than up and down gets very complicated

oops, u may have misunderstood me
wad i meant was, it is fine putting the sound control at the btm, but u could change the way it looks.
instead of using a click button to adjust the vol, u could create a volume slider for it

Cool site making good use of the css. But i would like to say That’s it’s all a bit to static for my good. The banner looks compressed. Like it needs to get streched. The sound control is really in your face. Links are in a pop-up. PLease Do not use pop-ups. Because i have a popup stopper and i am not turning it of.

ok…the volume slider is on!!!
check it out: Click here to enter R. Design Website

also…i made a sound preloader! :beam: I’m so happy! lol!!!

T-O, my links are not in pop-ups…i’ve used 2 frames, and when you click on something it loads in the main frame. The only pop-up that exists, it’s the one when you enter the site which says: “R. Design wishes you a Merry Christmas”…Ho Ho Ho! (too bad you can’t see the greeting… :P)

write back with your oppinions pls!!! :wink:

ohh…please try the contact form! 10x

R. Design Website


i dunno if its juz me, but the site is taking forever to load…guess i’ll juz preview it tmr

ok, now it works…dunno why
neat job with the sound bar
in fact its a great site…i would keep the text in your navs short and sweet though…well its really up to u…


a few things I found that might help your site become better -

  1. ditch the ads unless your getting paid for them!
  2. the banner at the top needs exporting using a higher quality jpg setting it looks ‘edgy’
  3. On your banner is says R Design so you might want to get rid of the banner just below that says the exact same thing.

Your contact form seems to be working although it seems a little weird, did you choose that message to pop - up? If you can change the php script so that instead of a pop - up message you get taken to a thankyou page in the main browser - looks a lot more professional.

Everything else seemed OK although I’m in two minds whether or not that sound bar looks out of place on that layout.

under the links part all links are pop-ups.

mr.g…if i export the photo at a higher quality…it’ll load very slow…and i don’t want that…it looks ok to me…
I wanted that php thingy to open a pop-up window :bu:

and t-o…what browser are you using?? those are not pop-ups you know…they load into the main frame. Does anyone have exactly the same problem??? :puzzle: guess not, 'cause no one ever told me that…

IE 6.0 But i totally get them as pop-up.

<A class=menubar href="http://www.triumf.ro/modavenus" target="_blank">
Venus Fashion House</a>

here’s your source. And dude. It’s target is blank. And blank Means that it will open in a new window.

so there. :h:

in reguards to ur first reply…

well apparently some people use 1280x1024. ur goal shouldnt be to alienate any resolution. the header looks like crap, unless that was ur intent. the text is barely legible and it looks really badly pixelated. i would up the quality a lot.

as for the sound, resize the swf and stick it under the third advertisement. or at least thats what id do.

On contact page i advice you a check form script.
Currently form sends an empty message.

And displaying message sent confirmation message in a pop up window is not a good idea

*Originally posted by gmh526 *
the header looks like crap

I have to agree there it looks like the image of bubbles (or whatever they are) has been stretched a lot (I’m on a 1024x768 resolution). Also I realy don’t see the need for the sound to be in a frame at the bottom, as frames can cause problems in some browsers (from what I’ve heard anyways). Also take the Merry christmas pop-up away. Also all of your text effects look very unproffesional with the big borders,the bevels and the crappy colors…