[R]: Q's about K-tutes in other forums


why why why why why why why why?

Wouldnt you think that since we made the tutorial that we would be best suited to answer questions about it? Why ask questions about it in other forums? They probably don’t have a clue especially if you didn’t even specify where the tutorial came from.



eh, I don’t know. I think Im just easily aggitated right now. :-/

… oh and then spamming the question accross other forums… yeah, nice :crazy:

hehe - the way I see it, if you are familiar with the group of people in another forum, I can see why you would rather ask them instead of us :slight_smile:

EDIT: Spamming across forums…now that is wrong…:skull:

yeah, thats true :-/

Yeah I agree with Kirupa, i know when i go and use a Photoshop tute from Roubok and i have a question, i ask here, not TutorialForums.

Its just where you are comfortable. The trick is to make them comfortable here too :smiley:

this particular question was in US, AS.org and W-H.com (of what I saw). not very personably sounding person either. eh, oh well. Kirupa did make a good point. I just felt like complaining :pleased:

Yeah - he hit all the big boards, oh well. Was he a big poster at any of them? If so then he is just kind of scared i suppose, or doesnt wanna register, i hate registering.