Ragew0lf is back... err I think?

Heya all, I have been away a while.
I was in france and then returned to the UK and had to move into a new house in Oxford. Its quite a nice house/mansion, but a bit of a dodgy area.

I have got NTL cable installed, NTL have been really lame about it - some many problems! it keeps cutting out and then back on for 20minute slots, but its been on for a solid 3 hours now right now so maybe its gonna be ok.

so if any of you wonderred thats what I have been up to. Its nice to be back and see all of you about. I am just going to finish my site and then submit it to site of the week.

(kirupa did you get that bag of $10 bills a sent you :bandit: wink wink )

Hey! :smirk: Where did you go in France??

Hey, I wonderred if you were French or from France, as your last sig had some French in it.

I was close to a medium size town called Tours. I went accross from the UK, Waterloo in london, then from Lille to St.Pierre Des Corps on the train.

Tours is about 50 minutes (on the train) / 150miles NW of Paris I believe.

Thanks for the info :stuck_out_tongue: So how was it? Did you eat any frogs?

mmmmmmmm froggies

No, I stayed away from Frogs and Snails!

My Dad’s Fiance is a good cook, so we always had 3 corse meals but I’m still too skinny I think :bandit:

where abouts are you connected to ilymasse?