Riot! *runs around*

Mwaha! Theres hardly any people on Kirupa!!! :bad:

runs around and screams like a crazy banshee


:bad: Mwahaha! I rule this place!

Eeek theres 2 mods on :-\ Do they sleep here or something? notices cardboard boxes and small cups of soup Guess so :-\ Hope they don’t see this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Soul :s:

Oh and the last 8 posts were last replied to by meeee! :bad:

Mwhaha my evil plan to take over is working! :beam:

  • Soul :s:

How much coffee have you had this morning? [SIZE=1]And no snide comments about my cardboard box, it was decorated by Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen, you know.[/SIZE] :slight_smile:

mumbles something about lawrence and the colour purple

Coffee?? Me?? No way!! Honest!! falls off chair

  • Soul :s:

You’re hyper. :slight_smile:

Argh, I’ve got to go to a meeting in 15 minutes <i>again</i>. I really can’t see the point, unless they feed me donuts. :slight_smile:

And what’s wrong with purple? My bathroom is purple. Well, lilac. Ish.


I bet no one else apart from us brits know who the hell lawrence is lol :beam: In fact I’m pretty sure they won’t lol

sigh You’re all missing out :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not hyper, I’m drunk on love :love:

Skive the meeting! For us!

  • Soul :s:

A cool purple. :slight_smile:

Although if you’re lucky, Mr Llewellyn-Bowen hasn’t made it outside of the UK yet… :stuck_out_tongue:

I would skip the meeting if it wasn’t a 7th floor special one - the exec etc work on the 7th floor, and we spend a lot of time kissing their arse… :angry:

*Originally posted by Soul *
I’m not hyper, I’m drunk on love :love:

you liked my video girl THAT MUCH???


With Kit golgi!!

The ‘video girl’ was just a one night thing :stuck_out_tongue:

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heehe. phew! whata relief…

Who is this… ‘video girl’?

  • Soul :s:

the girl… the medieval chick…

I knew that :stuck_out_tongue:


  • Soul :s:


Don’t you dare hit me with a trout! :stuck_out_tongue:


  • Soul :s:

hehehehe. it’s boring over here… had to liven things up a bit

Kirupa is hardly ever this empty!

I feel important :beam:

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i know, it’s like… we are the most specialest kirupans … just for a minute or so…lol

I think I might get up at 8am more!..

Hmm maybe not :stuck_out_tongue:

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