Random _X Positions For Buttons (Advanced)

I have 6 buttons aligned horizontally. When I press one button, I want all of the buttons to move to different _X positions with easing that would be specified in an array or in a variable. I’m looking for the easiest code. I had the code and a fla. for this a few years ago when I was deep into Flash, mastering actionscript. Now, it’s like starting over.

Also, can anyone assist me with a similar, more advanced code? It’s the same as above, but when one presses a button, that button pressed would move to a specified _X position, and the button that was previously in that _X position would get back in line, to the far left of all the buttons…

This is advanced scripting, so I came home to one of the places where I learned Flash from, Kirupa.com.

In any event, any assistance would be vastly appreciated.