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**thats soo good man
are you tracing though?
nothing wrong with that, but I’d love to see some of your own creations, but tracing is still hard, that looks great, keep up the great work **
wellll in order to avoid revising, I decided to take 28’s advice after my second attempt at line art - so I actually drew something for once (gasp shock horror etc). It was only a really quick sketch to fill some time, but I quite liked the way it was going, so I thought I’d scan it and line art it! :] Here it is - I used quite a few bits of reference material, but I think it came out ok considering I sketched it! My drawing really isnt that great atm!

comments/suggestions are welcome as always :love:

I’m not sure I got the shading quite right, and I think I need to add a little to his coat, but… I can’t be arsed at the moment.

just to prove that I did in fact do a sketch (ie that it is ma own drawing ;))

thats not bad at all! that really good!

hey man… glad to see someone listened to me :wink:
looks really good actually… your doing awesome with this

I like it. :slight_smile:

On another note … I never thought I’d ever buy an electronic drumset. I’m an acoustic addict, but this new Roland V-Club package is killer. Any other drummers out there?

lol dexa, 'fraid not. I aer teh guitarist! [does air guitar motions]

Thanks for the comments guys, I’m glad you like it - it was only a really quick sketch so I was a bit worried about putting it up for all to see/abuse ;] I guess you’ve inspired me to do some more… go you! I’m hoping to get a lot more sketching done over the summer holidays! LOTS!

thanks! :thumb:

That’s a very good profile - I always find that’s one of the hardest angles to draw from. :slight_smile:

And the shading is fine - it doesn’t have to be complicated to look good. :slight_smile:

thanks :wink: atm, it’s all a bit flat imo though :frowning:

unfortunately, my cd-rw ****ed up… so I lost the png! bugger!
I have the sketch somewhere, I’ll have to rescan and redo it though! hassle!


Nasty. :-\ I hate it when that happens. I’ve got a whole pile of pencil sketches on my desk, just in case I corrupt anything. God help me if my scanner ever breaks… :stuck_out_tongue:

fine i will start drawing agian lol. scans crappy thing that i drew