Second Attempt at Line Art

Well, this was the first attempt (just incase you missed it ;)). Oh how time flies when you’re having fun! (if you count losing a ****load of work when Illustrator crashes as fun :beam: hehe). This is my second attempt at Line Art, not sure if it came out as well as my first tbh… though, it’s a more complete picture (minus background though :)). I did this one in Illustrator… which, tbh, I didnt like as much as Fireworks (first time I’ve used it in any major way btw) :frowning:

In case you didn’t know (in which case, why didn’t you know??! :)) this is a still from Akira (I’m hopefully gonna be doing a few more over the coming weeks).

Comments are always appreciated :wink:

Man these rock! They remind me of Outlaws! They’re awesome! You should be making comics or something!

well i think i said it the first time but il say it again…

sweet stuff dude… :slight_smile:

thats soo good man
are you tracing though?
nothing wrong with that, but I’d love to see some of your own creations, but tracing is still hard, that looks great, keep up the great work

ye, kind of adlibed tracing - my drawing skills need a bit of work before I start posting that stuff! lol ;]

thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

oh man thats awasome! you have a nack for this stuff!