Random Text Action Script

I’ve got a Flash idea/project that would involve action script that I am too green to figure out.

What I want to do is:

Display a flash movie that would load words randomly.

For instance I would (I’m guessing) make a list of words in a text file.

And the action script would randomly display each word one right after the other.

So it would display: Apples… Oranges… Pears… Bananas… Grapes…
[color=black]Each about 2 seconds before going to the next Fruit.[/color]

Also, to make things more difficult I would want to be able to weight some of the words more heavily than others.

So the word “bananas” would show up more often, “Grapes” would show up less often, but more than “Apples”

Also, would there be a way for some words to appear LONGER on the screen than others. For instance, Apples would be on the screen LESS time, than a longer words or phrases like “fruit cocktail in a decorative bowl”

This would allow people TIME to read the longer phrase.

I am hoping that this can be done with an external txt. file that the flash file reads… but I don’t know.

But I’m no expert! I am a graphic designer, trying to understand ActionScript/Flash

Whenever I want to add another “Fruit” to the list, I go to the text file, TYPE in the name of the FRUIT and somehow notate how many seconds I want that word to stay on the screen before it displays another word in the list of fruit.

Does this make sense? LOL!