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3ds max and photoshop. What do u guys think? i might use this as Splash screens.


first one is better but they both rock!!! what is in teh text portion? nothing significant? just to look kewl? man… GO TO COLLEGE AND MAKE ALOT OF MONEY. dont do what i did.

glad u liked them. yeah i plann on doing that. 3ds max flash and photoshop is just the beginig. My Goal for this year is to become decent with after effects and learn how to composite.

that would help… but i wouldnt use after fx… its shabby and worthless. get premiere. adobe premiere is the best in that category with the ability to use greenscreens… blur edges etc… i use it for all my animations and editing.

sorry i meant Premiere and After Effects. :slight_smile: the more u know the more u make eh?

kinda… not really… in the 3d business… you either composite/texture/do fx and lighting/model/skin/or animate. you RARELY do all or even two.

so even IF you knew how to do them all [like me] it don’t do ya any good… its better to get REALLY good at one thing.

The same can be said for almost any field…

werd… but the fact remains… i know how to composite, animate, etc… i guess boredom just sets in eventually and ya gotta fukin do somethign else =]