Re: Pages are being refreshed dynamically

Hi! Greeting for the day!! Further Wish you happy new year - 2008!!!
Without delay, according to this code,say 100 letters have to be shown in the EBook, then 100(for example) static flash pages are already created(manually) and then the letters(Text) are loading dynamically from xml file .

Instead of having those 100(for example) pages fixed,he would like to have 4 pages(in the sense the right and left sides of an open book from 2 pages) .
Letter 1 will be loaded on page 1,letter 2 will load on page 2,letter 3 will again load on page 1 and letter 4 will load on page 2. Basically pages are being refreshed but to the end user it will seem like he is flipping through pages 1- 100 ,when what is actually happening is just 2 pages are being refreshed.
Basically ,we want everything to be automatic.
Our clients can write 1-200 letters, and accordingly the EBook should reflect,so fixing the size of the EBook to 100 or 200 is not feasible.

Thanks in advance.:hangover: