Size limit_Dynamically loaded text

Hey all.

I’ve been experimenting with A scroll box containing dynamically loaded text.
The text file I was loading the text from was pretty big, and I found that only about half of it was loaded.

My question is, is there some sort of limit on the amount of text you can load and, if so, is there any way of incresing this limit.


out of curiosity, did the text only load up until the point that you used an Ampersand (&) ?

This symbol tells Flash to stop reading the Dynamically Loaded Text. Check into it.

hey good call majeye, i had that problem myself. is there anyway to get around that? because some of my links need “&” and i am kinda stuck on how to get around this

there are a zillion threads on this forum dealing with this topic.

I did a search on the forums, and found the answer. Use %26 to represent an Ampersand in your text file.

Originally posted by Dax: Flash TechNotes URL Encoding Reading special characters from a text file

thanks a lot. to be honest i didnt even search the forums, i knew it was something simple.

thanks agian

null sweat chum.

I check the code. You were right Majeye. I had been using a scrappy piece of html code just to test the program. Good stuff. Thanks.

By the way, your footer is genius.

thank you, and thank you.