Really simple photoshop quesiton

How do you make a circle, but just the outline. so the center is hollow and has a black outline? i know this is gonna be really simple, but i can’t figure it! thx

first, press D to reset your colors, black should then be the foreground color.

Then make a circle selection, rightclick inside the circle and choose “stroke”.

Set the width and such and press ok :slight_smile:

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But if you have different background colors you should just do your circle, then set the border in the layersettings and then set the covering strenght(is this right?) to 0%. Not the normal, but the one below it. I don’t know the english name for it. Its the covering strenght for the surface… hope i could help you
Maybe lost can help out with translating it ;p

bah, circle selection? Thats no way to make a circle :wink:

I say hit the vector shape and draw your circle with the ellipse tool (holding shift to make it unified). You can keep this as a vector, make a strokable path (similar to selection) or just make it a straight out pixel circle. As a vector though, it will give you an easily managable circle which you can stretch and move and scale with ease and no loss in quality.

After making a vector circle, you can ditch its fill (in layers panel) and use a layer stroke… or even, instead, make another circle using ALT (or from the icon in the properties bar) as a type of boolean (subtraction) circle - place that outlined circle in the orignal filled circle and youve got yourself a … umm… lopsided circle? well you have a lot more options at least…

of course the selection too is easier and all that stuff ^ is confusing if you’re just getting inot it all :-\

hey, I gave him an easy start :slight_smile:

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You’re all wrong. The best way to make a stroked circle is to grab a drinking glass, invert it on your graphics tablet and trace around its rim with your stylus. Simple.


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**no reason to overload a beginner :wink: **

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*Originally posted by eilsoe *
**hey, I gave him an easy start :slight_smile:

no reason to overload a beginner :wink: **

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