Outlines of shapes in photoshop?

this is one option that has baffled me. i know how to create solid shapes, like squares, circles, etc., but is there anyway just to create the outlines of the shapes, without the entire thing being filled? i used photoshop 6. any help would be super. thanks!


I usually just select my object that I want an outline of and then I go to ‘Edit >>> Stroke…’ and select outside then select color and thickness. Without deselecting your object press delete or backspace to get rid of the inside. This is for PS7. I am not quite sure this is what you talking about. But I felt like taking a crack at it.

There are 2 Ways that I do it…

Option 1…

Use the rectangle marquee or circle marquee tool to make your shape. Go to Edit/Stroke, choose your outline color and size, then hit OK.

Option 2…

Use the shape tool you want, Create the shape with the solid fill. Right click on the layer you created it on and choose “Rasterize Layer” (using shapes as you may know aren’t rasterized therefore you cannot edit them until you do this). Now hold CTRL and click on the layer. This will select the object in a marquee. Go to Select/::somethinghere::/Contract and contract by one then delete the inside.

Sorry, I forgot what the option was so I replaced it with ::somethinghere::…lol, you are no newbie so I am sure you can find it :slight_smile:

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ah okay, thanks! it seems kind of odd that they just don’t have an outline option. this is in comparison to paint shop pro, which i used to years before i finally switched to photoshop this year. ah well. the stroke thing is a good idea :cyclops: