Recruiting 2D pixel Artist for NinjaWarz

is a MMO action-based game. Where you can create your own room
and choose whether you want a password on it (to keep out unwanted people)
and fight with you friends and foes in a 4-way battle to death.
or you can stay in the lobby and just chat with your friends or fight and chat with your friends at the same time.
In this game you use your magical powers each assign onto a character
and use that power to defeat your enemies, and this game has its own built-in cheat system
so you can use cheats to gain special powers to defeat your enemies quicker, but to gain cheat
you have to win battle events which will be hosted by the staff of ninjawarz.
(here’s a screenshot no ingame screenshot will be released yet and the image looks that way because i resized it)

NinjaWarz is not using any 2d game engine an is built from ground up(in other words ‘from scratch’)
it has a voice command system so if your tired of using your keyboard to fight or chat you can use
the voice command system

NinjaWarz is not complete yet and has alot more exciting features to come,
So i am starting to recruit people to join my team in creating this
magnificent and exciting MMO action-based game

**if your interested in the 2D pixel artist position please send me an email at: [email protected]
and by the way you will get full credits for all the artwork you do