Reducing movie size

i have a clip that consits of 28 frames, n in each frame, there is juz like a small mesh in a shave of a bullet

how can i reduce the size or the movieclip??

its like 100k big, i want it smaller…
ne help?

Have you tryed re-saving the movie under a new name, this may help?

Please explain “a small mesh in a shave of a bullet”

I thought it was some kind of English idiom I couldn’t understand…

pom 0]

lol sorry

shave = shape

so wat do i do??

just save the movieclip under a new name?

Yes but before this get rid of any unwanted items in your library too… :slight_smile: this may help or it may not.
Good luck

The deal is this. There are two different sizes (actually about a half dozen if you include all the various ways of exporting your movie.)
If you are looking at the FLA file, then you should do a test movie from within Flash, while it’s running, look up in the menu’s on top. I believe under “View” there is an option for “Bandwidth profiler”. Turn that on.
Now click back on “View” and choose “show streaming”.

This will show you what the movie will look like loaded on a 56k connection. You can choose different artificial connection speeds in one of the menus as well. You can even create your own and save them. I use

and 4800k

Also up in the profiler you will see the file size of the published SWF file (at the current publish settings). If you want to reduce that size you could go into “File/Publish settings”, and turn down the quality of the jpgs in the Flash tab. If there is sound you can override the sound settings in here as well.

Second entirely separate note:
If you imported a gif, or jpg, or series of png’s or something like that… then the file size comes from the fact that these are each small raster images. You could try going through each picture in turn and doing “Modify/Trace Bitmap”. This will take a raster image and turn it into a vector image. USUALY if we do this on a pic, in order to retain any detail, we have to use some higher settings, resulting in a picture which is actually larger in file size than the origional. However on something like a bullet, you might find a lot of success using “Trace Bitmap”. On objects which are pretty standard in color and shape you can use some pretty low setttings and save a lot of file size.
You’ll have to play around with that to be sure wether this is the best option or not.