Reference in the Timeline

Hi folks,

I am building this site inAS3.0 and since it’s my very first one, and like everybody, i ran into head spinning problems.
I am having some serious issues to reference some movieclips inside another movie clip.
with the following code:

menu_mc.projectbt_menu.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, vaiMenu4);
menu_mc.contactbt_menu.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, vaiMenu4);
menu_mc.resumebt_menu.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, vaiMenu4);

menu_mc.projectbt_menu.FRAME = "PROJECT";    
menu_mc.contactbt_menu.FRAME = "CONTACT";
menu_mc.resumebt_menu.FRAME = "RESUME";

function vaiMenu4(Event:MouseEvent):void {

It’s weird 'cos if i click again in the same button, it goes to the next frame (i have a stop in each frame, and the next frame has a different label.)So if i’m inside project, and i click in project again, it goes to contact…

I think the best idea is to build a custom class for those mcs. But i have no idea how to reference the frames in the main timeline in a external .as file. And i also guess, that i’ll still be getting the “continuous” play…

help please! :wink: