Reloaded: scrollbar conundr. solved ... not quite

dear all. wes. jibble.

i finally figured out what a “_parent” does. and this fixed my problem, the frames advance again and show the lighter grey name as programmed.
the names and the buttons are nested (?) now and reside in one MC.
new problem, though: although i can scroll down all the way now and click on the last name, and the according page will be loaded, the list of names jump back up and show the beginning of the list rather then the last name.
you can see the swf here …
and the fla here …
in other words: my last name in the list is “Yesim”. when i click “Yesim” her gallery opens up but the masked list jumps back up to start, with “Agata” at the top and “Ulrike” at the bottom.

please? anybody. i am getting close now …