Remove "articles for you" on Android chrome

Chrome on Android has this “articles for you” suggested content feature, where it spams the chrome initial start page with trash news like its an AOL homepage in 1997

In the past you could disable it with flags. It appears this is no longer an option, and a quick Google search looks like others are also unable to fix it this time.

I forget what version of chrome my wife has, but shes up to date on a Samsung phone and has never even seen this before.

I have a pixel4 xl w chrome 80.0.3987.162

Anyone have any magic solutions? Or curious does it not bother you? It makes me furious

Heres an image of what im talking about. (Not my phone)

Click the little ^ doohickey.

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I do to close it but it still bothers me

That screen is missing some animated GIFs :stuck_out_tongue: